Mon Amie Francaise

The Adventures of a French girl Living in London... And so it begins.
It has been way to long since we have seen you! So glad to see you again, and I must say getting to see a little extra of you is just amazing. I was not expecting it, thank you!!!

That was a little surprise for my return :p I’m glad you are enjoying it :)

Hello lovely buddies,
if I seemed to be posting less since 2 weeks, it’s that a lot of crazy changes happened in my small french life !
First I moved from my the flat you probably saw on the pictures, in which I wasn’t really happy #sadface.
I am now living in an amazing flatshare, with two italian girls cooking pasta for me, in the centre of London. My room is lovely, Lily and Stanley my two new cat friends too :p And I’ve also eventually been designated to be the godmother, of a lovely baby from a friend of mine. The ceremony took place in France, and I obviously didn’t forget about you as I took a lot of dirty pictures in my blue-hearted-dress in the bathroom :p
But the thing I am most excited about, is my very imminent travel to Paris…

This is also for you, my first instagram page ! Yeah don’t laugh



My gosh, you are just so amazingly beautiful and such a wonderful body. I wish I was closer to you so we could have fun together!! :)

That’s too cute, huuum like a pillow battle for e.g. ? :p

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